A Unique Experience To Help You Have Thriving Relationships with Your Older Daughters and to Help You Prepare Them for Adulthood, in Tropical North QLD

Transform Your Lives  Focus Your Family Establish Your Legacy

Do You Want More for Your Life and Relationships?

  • Do you want your relationship with your daughter to truly thrive rather than just survive?
  • Do you find it difficult to give your daughter sufficient undivided attention / one-on-one time?
  • Would you like to share an experience that creates fun and powerful memories for you both, for a lifetime?
  • Would you like to communicate better, and experience some truly meaningful conversations?
  • Would you prefer your fathering style to be proactive rather than reactive?
  • Do you have a desire to help your daughter transition between childhood and adulthood well?

At Fathering Adventures We Truly Understand…

We understand that the journey to having the family you’ve always wanted has not been without its fair share of challenges.
We hope that we might have the privilege of playing an integral part in your journey.

At Fathering Adventures We Will Show You The Way Forward…

We have successfully guided thousands of satisfied families over more than a decade.

“My experience with Fathering Adventures 'was wonderful. It enhanced my relationship with my daughter, and took our bond to a whole new level of trust and understanding. During our one-on-one Lunch on the day of the hike, my daughter shared her heart for me, and we shared in a heart-felt conversation afterwards. I could not put a price on what my daughter and I took away from the entire experience.”
Steve (proud father of daughter Zoe, and sons Josh, Zach, and Sam)
Sydney, NSW
“My experience with Fathering Adventures meant the world to me. Whilst Dad had always told me that he loved me, those 5 days solidified and deepened our relationship. That experience also helped me personally, to enter into a deeper understanding of who I was as a young woman.”
Zoe – 17 years (proud daughter of Dad Steve)
Sydney, NSW
“I loved my experience with Fathering Adventures. It was helpful, heart-warming, inspiring, and life-changing.”
Shaye – 15 years (proud daughter of Dad Iain)
Townsville, QLD

At Fathering Adventures We Want You to Live Your Best Life…

Almost all of us are time-poor and bombarded by numerous distractions every day, which in turn adversely affects the quality of our relationships.
So we crafted unique Father-Son and Father-Daughter experiences that help you transform your lives and relationships, and renew your focus for your family.

What You Can Expect… and more!

Day 1 – Saturday

Arrive on Magnetic Island, Dinner, followed by the Welcome / Introduction presentation

Day 2 – Sunday

The outer Great Barrier Reef Full Day Trip with ‘Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive’ – Snorkelling, with the option to upgrade to Scuba Diving (no previous experience for either is necessary)

Evening presentations – The “Intentional Father” presentation for the fathers, and the “Prepared Daughter” presentation for the daughters

Day 3 – Monday

A ‘Top-End’ Jetski Tour, with ‘Magnetic Jet’

A unique Horse Trail Ride with ‘Horseshoe Bay Ranch’, or alternatively,
A ½ day Sea Kayaking Tour in double touring sea kayaks, with ‘Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks’

The evening presentation for all fathers and daughters – “Your Internal Compass”

Day 4 – Tuesday

The morning presentation for all fathers and daughters –
“The Pursuit of True Beauty, and The Lies We Can Believe”

Hiking the historic WWII Forts trail, and the father-daughter conversation during Lunch

The final evening – The final milestone – The fathers invite their daughters to leave childhood behind, and welcome them into adulthood, or the journey toward adulthood at least

Day 5 – Wednesday

Depart Magnetic Island

Your Next 3 Easy Steps…

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Step 3: Your Journey Ahead Begins

Your journey towards thriving relationships and a stronger family begins.

Dates and Availabilities…

  • June 27 – July 1, 2020 – 7 vacancies remaining

What is Your Financial Investment?

$2,970 AUD per father-daughter pair

Your Registration Fees Include:

  • 4 nights of private accommodation (a cabin) on Magnetic Island
  • Return Ferry tickets
  • All catered meals
  • A Full Day of Snorkeling on the outer Great Barrier Reef with Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive
  • A professionally-guided Jet-ski tour with Magnetic Jet
  • A professionally-guided Horse Riding tour with Horseshoe Bay Ranch
  • Hiking the historic WWII Forts trail
  • All Transport ex. Townsville Breakwater Sealink Ferry Terminal
  • Presentations for all fathers and daughters together etc.