Welcome To Fathering Adventures

Most men long to know how to be the father their children need them to be. Our Father-Son and Father-Daughter Adventure experiences equip, empower & encourage men to have stronger, healthier, & happier relationships with each of their children.

Fathering Adventures provides both Father-Son and Father-Daughter Adventure experiences, for all ages, 7 years & over – no maximum age limit, in numerous locations, that ultimately guide men, in environments that are always both beautiful, and fun, to father / guide their son and or their daughter, in the way that he and or she needs him to, all the while sharing in significant relational experiences together, and creating lifelong memories.
So don’t settle for less, for you, for your children, for your relationship with each of your children, and for your family as a whole.

And our Father-Son and Father-Daughter Adventure experiences are not restricted to just biological relationships either. Significant male others are also encouraged to be involved. They include Stepfathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, family friends, mentors, youth leaders, Pastors, teachers, and coaches etc.

We encourage you to register for your Father-Son and or your Father-Daughter Adventure experience today.