We Will Be Your Guide

As we have for thousands of families now, for more than 13 years

“We receive training to embark upon and continue in our professions and careers, however we don’t receive training in the most important, most rewarding, and greatest responsibility of our lives – raising a family. This is what Fathering Adventures does so beautifully.”
The Wolmarans family
Wodonga, VIC
“Fathering Adventures helped me to better understand my role as father, and created a springboard for the future, in terms of my relationship with each of my children. Fathering Adventures is a must for any father willing to invest into his relationships with his children, no matter how good or how bad those relationships are at present.”
Pieter (proud father of sons Regardt & Xander, and daughter Danique)
Brisbane, QLD
“Our house is now filled with love and respect rather than anger and conflict which had been our experience for some time. Fathering Adventures gave both father and son the opportunity to understand and appreciate themselves and one another, which reflects in their every-day interactions still. The experience has been life changing for our entire family.”
Sara (proud wife of Ian, and mother of son Noah)
Melbourne, VIC