The ANZAC Spirit, and the State of Manhood Today

The ANZAC legend was revealed to the world on April 25, 1915, and on countless occasions since… initially through those men who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Those men radiated what is referred to and remembered today as, the ANZAC spirit… consistently living out and demonstrating the following honourable and virtuous character attributes… in no particular order…

1. Mateship & Brotherhood
2. Courage & Valour
3. Perseverance & Endurance
4. Transcendence & a Willingness to Sacrifice

Truth be known however, most men who lived during that time, whether they served their country during times of conflict or not, lived by the same code. Most knew when it was they became a man, and most knew what it meant to be a man.

But oh how the landscape of masculinity in our Nation, and in our world, has shifted… within just one Century. Let’s ask the tough questions of ourselves, and let’s together initiate real and lasting change.

Mateship & Brotherhood
Most men today don’t have even just one true friend… another man alongside him in his foxhole, during his darkest hours. Most men today lead lives of loneliness and isolation. How about you? Do you have a true friend… a brother… another man whom you can call in the middle of the night if need be, and know that he’ll be there for you? Are you that kind of friend to another man? And are you modelling mateship & brotherhood to your children?

Courage & Valour
James Neil Hollingworth wrote, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment  that something else is more important than one’s fear.”. How about you? Do you live, love, and lead with courage, or have you perhaps unknowingly allowed fear to overshadow something or someone else who is more important? And are you modelling courage & valour to your children?

Perseverance & Endurance
I’m sure you’ve heard the famous phrase, and or Billy Ocean’s song in the mid 1980s of the same name… “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”. But how many men today, when the going gets tough, and they are facing overwhelming odds and obstacles, actually stand their ground? Far too many men today seem to leave, run, or hide, when they should in fact stay, stand, and see their circumstance through. How about you? Are you reactive when things go wrong in your life, or are you proactive? And are you modelling perseverance & endurance to your children?

Transcendence & a Willingness to Sacrifice
Are you living in a much larger story than your own smaller story? Are you living for, and willing to die for, something truly grand? Are you engaged in, and investing yourself into a noble cause, a cause bigger than yourself? And are you modelling transcendence & a willingness to sacrifice to your children?

I hope and trust my thoughts here have prompted much reflection… for you and your masculine identity personally, for the betterment of your wife & your marriage, your children & your family, your street, suburb, community, town, city, State, Nation, & world.

I look forward to the honour of meeting you in person, and serving your family, at one or more of our upcoming adventure experiences soon.