Parenting well is the hardest thing you will ever undertake. As parents, we know full well that our children don’t come with a manual, that provides us with everything we need, to raise them into the healthy and whole adults that our world needs them to be. It’s so easy for us to fall into being a reactive parent, rather than a proactive parent… to become distracted by mere behavior management, rather than providing them with what they need from us most… an unconditional loving and accepting relationship with us.

And for those of us who didn’t necessarily have a strong and healthy relationship with our own father… who perhaps wasn’t as present, purposeful, deliberate, intentional, and engaged as we needed him to be… that certainly didn’t help to equip us adequately enough, to be the father our children need us to be. And that in turn, often leads us to unknowingly and unintentionally wounding our children, and our relationship with each of them.

Those sons and daughters who join us for one of our Adventure experiences, are more likely to…

  1. Discover, and live out of, a healthy identity i.e. who he or she really is,
  2. Have a healthy self-esteem,
  3. Have a greater understanding of, and empathy for, others,
  4. Have a greater desire to help others,
  5. Be the best they can be in school
  6. Communicate more effectively,
  7. Resist peer pressure, and
  8. Avoid high risk situations.