Tim from Perth, WA

My 23 year old daughter and I recently took part in the June 2015 “Prepared for Womanhood” 4 Night Father-Daughter Adventure experience. It was an opportunity to spend 5 intentional days focusing on my relationship with my daughter and also having a lot of fun. One of the things I discovered was that I had previously bought into the lie that she no longer needed me as she was 23 and a well-balanced young woman. I now know how important it still is for me to be actively engaged in her life and I also discovered how much she still wants me to be. What a privilege to meet Darren & Melissa and be guided through the 5 day journey by them. They are sowing their lives and their hearts into this very important work and are blessing others along the way. I wish I had more daughters so I could do it again.

Peter from Sydney, NSW

The May 2014 “Fathering Girls” Father-Daughter Adventure Weekend experience created the framework for a lifetime of love and trust. My wife has always known there was a better space for my eldest daughter and I to co-exist in. I have always wished for it, but have been overwhelmed by everything else. My wife was the one who believed things could change. Her faith in me, and ‘Fathering Adventures’, made all the difference. And the key for us was dedicated time and space. How much can be achieved in such little time! I look back at where our family was, more than 12 months ago, and where we are now, and I can only be grateful to you, Melissa, and your ever-patient family, for making such weekend experiences (and the longer experiences) available. That’s why all of my kids and I will experience all of these together!

Chris from Canberra, ACT

The March 2015 “Fathering Boys” Father-Son Adventure Weekend experience was one of the most important events in my life. To see my son’s eyes light up with pure joy in having time with me and doing adventures together, in a safe, friendly and well organized setting, was awesome. I also gained so much practical, inspirational knowledge about being a better father, that I will be forever grateful for what Darren and his team does. I believe every father and every son should experience a “Fathering Boys” Father-Son Adventure Weekend experience.