A Guided Experience for Teenage Sons, And Older, 
And Their Dads or Father Figures, In NSW (North of Canberra)

Healthier Relationships  Deeper Understanding New Direction

A Unique Experience To Help You Have Thriving Relationships with Your Older Sons and to Help You Prepare Them for Adulthood, in NSW

Transform Your Lives  Focus Your Family Establish Your Legacy

Do You Want More for Your Life and Relationships?

At Fathering Adventures We Truly Understand…

We understand that the journey to having the family you’ve always wanted has not been without its fair share of challenges.
We hope that we might have the privilege of playing an integral part in your journey.

At Fathering Adventures We Will Show You The Way Forward…

We have successfully guided thousands of satisfied families over more than a decade.

“Fathering Adventures gave me what I had been longing for, and desperately needing, to help raise my son, and lead him toward manhood. I knew I needed it, however I felt daunted and inadequate in being able to provide it on my own. I simply did not have the confidence to create the process myself.”
Darren (proud step-Dad of son Zakea)
North of Albury, NSW
“Fathering Adventures taught me life-changing lessons. I made new friends, and made a best friend in a man whom I came to respect so much more… my father.”
Tim – 15 years (proud son of Dad Craig)
Tweed Heads, NSW
“Our house is now filled with love and respect rather than anger and conflict which had been our experience for some time. Fathering Adventures gave both father and son the opportunity to understand and appreciate themselves and one another, which reflects in their every-day interactions still. The experience has been life changing for our entire family.”
Sara (proud wife of Ian, and mother of son Noah)
Melbourne, VIC

Teenage Boys Struggle When They Are Not Adequately And Actively Guided Through Their Most Challenging Life Transition – From Boyhood To Manhood

And no good parent wants their son to be a boy forever.

Our guided “Rite of Passage” Son and Father Adventure experiences 
are a proven process that result in healthier relationships, 
a deeper understanding of one another, and new direction, into the future.



What You Can Expect… and More!

Day 1 – Saturday

Dinner, followed by the Welcome / Introduction presentation

Day 2 – Sunday

Dirt Bike trail riding, and Horse trail riding

Evening presentations – The “Intentional Father” presentation for the fathers,
and the “Prepared Son” presentation for the sons

Day 3 – Monday

Abseiling (Rappelling), and Caving

The evening presentation for all fathers and sons –
“Authentic Manhood versus Conventional Manhood”

Day 4 – Tuesday

The morning presentation for all fathers and sons – “The 4 Marks of a Real Man”

Hiking to the summit of Mount Narrangullen, and the father-son conversation during Lunch

The final evening – The final milestone – The fathers invite their sons to leave childhood behind,
and welcome them into adulthood, or the journey toward adulthood at least

Day 5 – Wednesday


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$2,970 AUD per father-son pair - (3 equal payments @ $990 AUD)

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